The Problem

Our Solution


Our training programs, coaching and resources drive

1. Engagement

The Brain Cultured engagement spectrum improves employee participation and comprehensive understanding of trainings, coaching, and workshops

2. Application

A successful application of training and coaching tools to maximize your ROI and organization growth

3. Data

Needs assessments, surveys, and Brain Cultured Touch Points are essential to set a benchmark, indicate growth, and see the difference in your organization’s teams

By providing training and coaching on intercultural matters, we foster a workplace where individuals learn from one another and leverage global perspectives for their benefit.

Services offered in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Inquiry about our language offerings.

Brain Cultured training can led to

Strong Intercultural Conflict Resolution Skills

Understand customers from diverse cultures

Surpass competitors in international markets

Strong Intercultural Conflict Resolution Skills

1. Training Engagement

Why Engagement?

According to Social Resource for Development

0 %
Lack the motivation for training at work
0 %
of materials are soon forgotten afterwards

Engagement with Brain Cultured looks like

Mixed Media Approach to Instructional Design: We recognize that different training methods yield varying levels of engagement, cater to diverse learning styles, and address various needs. Our approach is to acknowledge these differences and strive for maximum engagement while offering a range of training and coaching services for leaders and teams who collaborate.


2. Application

It is important that audiences are not just engaged, but APPLY the knowledge.

0 %
apply new knowledge from trainings

According to Harvard Business Review

0 %
of training is not applied in their current role

From Resource Management

Application is where we provide customized trainings to bridge your brains and cultures together

3. Data

Brain Cultured follows the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) approach.

Using the SAM model can also be especially beneficial for courses, trainings, or other learning experiences that already exist, but may need updates based on prior learner and stakeholder feedback, or changes to policy or information. The repeating stages of SAM allow for making changes and getting feedback throughout the process, as opposed to waiting until the end for final evaluation.

SAM Approach

Data will be gathered in multiple avenues.

Cultural-Intelligence(CQ) Needs Assessment

We can gather data on the training needs documentation review, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews


Every step of the process pilot, rollout of training and/or engagement there will be participant surveys.

Brain Cultured Touch Points

We’ll schedule check-ins with your teams to review recommendations, customize training, and integrate participant survey feedback into the training content.

Let's Elevate Your Team and Bridge Cultures

Take the first step towards a more connected and high-performing cross-cultural team. Embrace the power of diversity with Brain Cultured today. Let’s unlock your team’s full potential together!


Weyu’s quality of presence is contagious. She is committed to her craft, speaking from the wisdom of personal experience and lifelong learning. I know I can trust Weyu to facilitate transformative conversations, never hesitating to speak her truth. As a co-lead working with clients, I have seen Weyu act as a trusted advisor, and in a team environment, Weyu is an equal contributor and deep listener. Weyu is a joy to be around, and I’m grateful to call her a colleague.
Lindsey Mazza
Coaching Collective Founder
I have worked in the DEI profession long enough to know that great partners make a world of difference in persisting through the work. Weyu invests time in getting to know her clients' needs and organizes her work with professionalism and care. She is a skilled communicator and has a knack for creating ease, even with sensitive facilitation topics. I miss working with her!
Christopher Riddick, Phd
Learning & Development & DEI Leader
Weyu consistently impressed me and stood out on our team with her curiosity, openness, depth of knowledge, professionalism, ambition, outstanding communication skills, and proactive approach to working with clients. Weyu had a way of anticipating and resolving issues well before clients perceived them. She engaged with curiosity, flexibility, and openness around the evolving needs of our clients to inspire and deliver innovative content that was truly impactful. Weyu’s proactive, organized, insightful, and transparent approach made our collaboration a genuine pleasure, and set her apart as a trusted advisor and facilitator for our clients.
Karina Eileraas, PhD
Senior Consultant, Professor