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Services offered in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Premier Brain Cultured Professional Development Program + Coaching

A tailored learning development program and coaching to support the needs or your team leaders and organization.

Brain Cultured Stimulation & Game Library

Provide your team leaders with a pre-curated library full of all resources to support global organizations. This offer can include workbooks, workshops, and live webinars.

Our Brain Cultured Experience

Our services are custom to each global organization or companies, the leaderships and teams we serve. Below is the simple 3 step process we walk our clients through for maximized success.

Step One

Assessing the Needs for Your Company or Organization

We help you further identify the need for cross-cultural training in your organization and determine which individuals (managers/leaders, teams, or independent contractors) require it. We’ll discuss how to engage them and tailor Brain Cultured services to meet your specific needs. If necessary, we’ll recommend a cross cultural assessment to pinpoint areas requiring attention and support within your global organization. During our conversation, we’ll also establish a proposed timeline for our services.

Step Two

Choose your Desired Brain Cultured

From the assessment(s), you will be guided to choosing the services that best align with the professional development goals of your organization. 

Step Three

Choose your Brain Cultured Pathway

Our Training Pathways are designed for maximum efficiency and practicality. Below are two sample pathways from previous clients. In this step, we’ll create a clear outline and plan for the training(s). Brain Cultured aims to make this a straightforward priority with lasting impact on your organization or team.

Let's Elevate Your Team and Bridge Cultures

Take the first step towards a more connected and high-performing cross-cultural leaders and teams. Embrace the power of diversity with Brain Cultured today. Let’s unlock your organization’s full potential together!

Our Offering is Based on Our CQ Model


(Click on the workshop for more information) 

  • Decoding Communication Styles Across Cultures
  • Building Trust and Collaboration in Global Teams
  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Managing Conflict in Cross-Cultural Teams

Workshop Stimulations & Workplace Retreat offering

Stimulations and games are the cornerstones of our engaging approach to developing the competencies crucial for thriving in today’s interconnected world:

  • In-workshop stimulations: These focused sessions provide targeted skill development through interactive games and simulations.
  • Retreats: Immerse yourselves in a deeper learning experience with multi-day retreats designed to foster collaboration and build strong relationships within your team. 

Stimulations & Games Offered For Leaders & Teams

  1. Global Problem-Solving Bazaar
  2. Improv Conflict Resolution
  3. Global Mediation Maze
  4. Miscommunication Charades
  5. Power Distance Spectrum

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch and learns are short, informative sessions held during a lunch break, typically at workplaces. They provide employees with a chance to learn a new skill, get updated on company initiatives, or discuss a relevant topic. Session are from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Negotiation Across Borders: A Recipe for Success
  • Global Teams: Building Bridges Through Effective Communication
  • Live Long and Prosper: Global Secrets to Longevity at Work, Home & Community


Weyu’s quality of presence is contagious. She is committed to her craft, speaking from the wisdom of personal experience and lifelong learning. I know I can trust Weyu to facilitate transformative conversations, never hesitating to speak her truth. As a co-lead working with clients, I have seen Weyu act as a trusted advisor, and in a team environment, Weyu is an equal contributor and deep listener. Weyu is a joy to be around, and I’m grateful to call her a colleague.
Lindsey Mazza
National Board of Governors
Weyu led an active online training with group participation and relevant scenarios. Weyu provided a very interesting and informative presentation. She was very knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you!
Workshop Participant
Department of Family Court Services, April 2024
Weyu consistently impressed me and stood out on our team with her curiosity, openness, depth of knowledge, professionalism, ambition, outstanding communication skills, and proactive approach to working with clients. Weyu had a way of anticipating and resolving issues well before clients perceived them. She engaged with curiosity, flexibility, and openness around the evolving needs of our clients to inspire and deliver innovative content that was truly impactful. Weyu’s proactive, organized, insightful, and transparent approach made our collaboration a genuine pleasure, and set her apart as a trusted advisor and facilitator for our clients.
Karina Eilerass, PhD
Senior Consultant, Professor

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